EQVAL responds to your need of a new way to buy Medical Devices


Swiss quality control , standard of medicine products , efficient distribution model, “No Frills” & “Lean” Supply chain:

Evidence Based Medical Devices – EQVAL offers universally accepted products, based on recognized designs already considered standard of care, with long term positive clinical performances.

“No frills” service, “Lean” Supply Chain – EQVAL offers you a lean service, with no frills. You choose what you need for your supplies, and in the OR. At request EQVAL will give you the tools and appropriate training to your team, to allow them to independently handle the products and instruments in the OR.

Change vs current supply chain models – EQVAL is offering a new way of supplying Medical Devices, helping Health Care Providers to face the new paradigm : deliver better or same outcomes to more patients, with same or less resources. With EQVAL you are entering a new model of Supply of Medical Devices that responds directly to such requirements.

Substantial savings vs marginal trimming – EQVAL business proposition is based on a lean supply chain model, in which volume based contracts allow substantial savings, as opposite to the past marginal trims .

No hidden costs – EQVAL cost structure makes you pay only for what you require.No hidden support or marketing costs are loaded into the product price. EQVAL standards of service are based on “efficiency”, “no frills“, “lean”.